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About Code Naturally Academy

Code Naturally Academy has served the Santa Cruz community for over 3 years. During this time, we’ve had the pleasure of teaching over 5000 students how to code. All of our programs are centered around giving students creative freedom and inspiring them to learn difficult concepts through finding inspiration in their own ideas. Each student develops their own unique portfolio of projects using the codenaturally app.  We strive to have a ratio of 1 educator to 8 students to ensure that your child has the support they need as they create games and apps that they can’t help but share.

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What kind of programs do we provide?

After School

We provide on-site after school programs at schools where you can sign up for a month or the entire semester.

Recommend a School

We partner with Looker & local schools to provide free opportunities for students and families to code together.

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What do students learn at our programs?

Students learn to program in the JavaScript programming language through creating their own illustrations, games, and apps. Outside of coding, students gain an array of interdisciplinary skills that help prepare them for a fast-changing future. 


Learning to code is a team sport. Students quickly learn the value of working together to fix bugs and to pursue large project ideas.

Critical Thinking

Students must understand what they’re trying to get the computer to do before they can communicate it through lines of code. 


Students learn to work within creative constraints and learn to leverage those constraints to make truly awe-inspiring projects

Student Work

Mouse Customizer

Musa S. (5th Grader)

Potato Clicker Game

Ian J. (7th Grader)

Paint Application

Gracie D. (6th Grader)

What do parents think?

My daughter had the opportunity to attend summer code camp here. She had an awesome experience! When it came time to look at summer activities this coding camp was an easy choice. She really liked her instructors and would come home and tell us all about what she was working on and how much fun she was having.


Code Naturally has been an amazing experience for my daughter! In the last 7 months her reading and math skills have improved immensely! She absolutely loves it and the staff makes coding fun and exciting! So grateful for all their enthusiasm and energy they bring! My daughter loves it!!


The teachers are kind and encouraging, and the self-directed pace is perfect. I have seen improvements in his ability to problem solve and stick with frustrating situations, and I'm excited that he's real learning skills that are creating his future of computer literacy. Thank you to the entire team!