March 22, 2019

3 Student Projects That Will Make You Say “WOW”!

3 Student Projects That Will Make You Say “WOW”!

Musa (5th Grader) programs a mock-up of a Drone Camera

Would you believe that a 3rd grader could make a project that lead a college student to fail their university class? Well, it probably happens much more than you’d expect. Every day, students at our programs create projects that humble us and light a fire inside of our educators to do everything we can to support these young engineers as they delve into harder computer science and math concepts. Let’s check out just 3 projects programmed by 3rd-8th grade students in the JavaScript language using the codenaturally app.

Potato Clicker by Ian J. (7th Grader): Ian’s been programming with code naturally in our after school program since 5th grade. We didn’t have a chance to code with him last year but it’s been great to see that he’s continued to learn on his own and has created a portfolio of projects that he can’t help but share with friends. From creating animated birthday cards to taking commissions for games – it’s great to see a young programmer use their power to show friends how cool it can be to learn to code. Potato Clicker is an awesome game where not only can you click a potato, but you can design it as well! A little hint: If you get enough points, you can also unlock a mini game as well as a crown that you can add to your potato’s design.

You can click here to play Ian’s Potato Clicker. Give it a couple seconds to load up and make sure to check out his help screen. 🙂

Mouse Customizer 2.0 by Musa S. (5th Grader): Musa first started programming with us during a codenaturally in-school program at Brook Knoll School while he was in 3rd grade. The next year, he enrolled in after-school, and the rest has been history. Musa is passionate about design and how he can use programming to create experiences for other students and people around the world. It’s exciting for us to see a student think so deeply about user experience and understands that he’s programming for others and not just himself. Doing this kind of design and work within the codenaturally app is not an easy feat. However, Musa uses the create constraints to push himself further and figured out his own way to manipulate the programming language and environment to display what he wants. This Mouse Customizer app allows you to pick what kind of mouse you’d like to design and makes it easy for you to click any part of the mouse and customize the color to your liking. A little hint: Click the help button on the first screen. This will walk you through how the rest of the app works.

You can click here to check out Musa’s Mouse Customizer. Give it a couple seconds to load up and make sure to check out his help screen. 🙂

My Paint App by Gracie D. (6th Grader): Gracie started programming with us when she was in 4th grade at Brook Knoll School. Her fantastic personality and eagerness to help friends made coding more approachable to her classmates that were a little anxious about it. Gracie encouraged other girls to get coding with her and supported her friends as they got their start. From time to time this would lead to some distraction but overall, our team loved having a jr. educator that could help other students when they hit road blocks. She made coding look easier which reduced the barrier of entry for those around her. She’s just got back into coding a few weeks ago but it’s been fantastic to see how much she’s retained from earlier classes. This project was an application of concepts she’d already learned like variables, loops, and conditional statements. She had to make a couple mistakes to get the syntax and logic to work how she expected but she got through it! A little hint: This project is still in progress! She’ll be adding a clear and help button on Monday.

You can click here to sketch around using Gracie’s paint app! Make sure to give it a couple seconds to load and have fun!


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