May 15, 2019

Designing a T-Shirt for Summer Code Camp

A lot more thought goes into designing a shirt for our students than you’d originally think. We want to ensure that the shirt is comfortable and breathable. Beyond that, we want students to be excited to wear it. It can’t be cheesy or boring. It’s can’t just be our logo. They aren’t billboards.

The shirt has to be something that students can wear with pride! When we do our summer camps or after school programs, our team can’t but notice how often students wear our old shirts. Especially the shirt made up of student code. At any program we do, we usually have at least 2 students wearing this shirt with pride. We wanted our new shirt to be more about the student experience – especially the process of finding and fixing errors.

I explained the idea to our graphic designers and they got sketching. While the sketches were pretty epic – they were a little too detailed for a t-shirt. Cassia and Chris worked together to refine their ideas. They got feedback from the rest of the team and simplified the concept into a simple 4-panel comic that we could all understand and relate to. It showed a student coding their project, hitting the typical error along the way, pushing their way to a solution, and reaping the fruits of their labor.

We love our little 4 panel comic. It does the perfect job of embodying what we want we want every student to obtain – the ability to code, persevere, and create. While we’re done with the design – we have another BIG road block. We can’t agree on what color of shirt to print. Can you help? Just click the image of the shirt you like the best.

Thanks for reading & have a great day!


One Comment on “Designing a T-Shirt for Summer Code Camp

Thomas Matthews
May 15, 2019 at 7:47 pm

I would totally wear the pink one.


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