February 11, 2020

Code Naturally Collaborates with PVUSD to Bring Coding to Middle Schoolers!

Code Naturally has had the pleasure of working alongside the Pajaro Valley Unified School District over the last few months to bring coding education classes to students at Rolling Hills Middle School and Pajaro Middle School. Partnering with their Extended Learning Program, we were able to add Code Naturally as an elective that students could choose to take after their normal school day was over. Thanks to this partnership, we were able to share computer programming education with 3 classes of students across the two schools! These classes were especially important to us at Code Naturally as we strive to make our classes accessible for all students. We couldn’t be more grateful to the extended learning team at PVUSD as well as the anonymous donor that made these classes possible.

Our educators found these classes to be unique and impactful for both the students and themselves. One educator recounted that he was “inspired by the way that the students tackled problems”, remembering one student in particular who was able to calmly and thoughtfully work through a bug in his code rather than asking for help immediately. The grit that we saw from these students was especially impressive. There was an unquestionable sense of gratitude in these classes as well, as many recognized that they were getting access to a unique and important opportunity.

Many of our students came in with a love for video games, especially Fortnite and Mine Craft. As these games came up as frequent topics of conversation during class, I decided to give our students a homework assignment. I requested that the next time they play video games, they take a minute to think about how the characters are moving, what the goal is, and how they think the computer programmers who built the game were able to get it to work so well. The next week when they were challenged to design and create their own unique game, the students seemed especially excited to tackle the challenge and their creativity and attention to detail was apparent.

It is our mission as a company to offer our classes to students of all backgrounds and skill levels. We hope to inspire as many students as possible to tackle tough challenges, work hard, and be creative. 4 in 5 students that study engineering or STEM subjects in college do so because of an experience during K-12. We strive to be that experience for every student that we work with. Our company was founded on the principle that no student should be intimidated away from studying something just because of a lack of experience. Thus, it’s our mission to give students positive experiences that instill the confidence they need to take on any subject they choose to study.

Student Testimonials:
“The lessons were quick, got to the point and allowed me to learn a lot in the short time that I was here. I managed to make a game just through the help and designs of the teachers. I had fun and learned the entire time. In short, this was a good experience and I wish it could go on longer.”

“Very fun and I learned how to animate things. It has been an awesome experience and I think it’s really cool that I get an opportunity to learn a bit about coding.”

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