Code Night @ Looker HQ

Taking Place Jan 10th, 2020

From: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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About Code Night

Code Night is an opportunity for students in the Santa Cruz Community to learn to code, create projects with friends, and enjoy pizza at one of the coolest start-ups in Santa Cruz – Looker Data Science. Code Night is staffed by Code Naturally Academy Educators and is supported and made possible thanks to volunteers from the Looker Team. The best part? It’s free but you can choose to donate to Kids Explore after we confirm your spot.  

 Looker and Code Naturally Academy believe that every student should have the opportunity to learn to code and experience a variety of enriching STEM experiences. 

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Limited Spaces Available so Reserve Today!

We're Supporting Kids Explore this Month!

Learn more about the non-profit we’re supporting this month and the awesome work they do for our community.

Kids ‘Explore’ After School is an organization created by three local moms with elementary aged children always on the look out for excellent after school classes for kids. ‘Explore’ will offer a wide range of affordable, quality enrichment programs to all Santa Cruz City Schools elementary schools that allow kids to follow their passions and explore new activities in the security of their own school.  This will benefit our children, families, schools, and community by providing kids with unique learning experiences; and, we will support busy parents — no need to pick up and drive to an activity: all classes will be taught on school grounds by skilled instructors and coaches. 

Your donations will go towards supporting financial aid for any students that can’t afford tuition for a class but have an eagerness to learn

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Important Details

We do our best to organize the event in a way that gives students the most amount of time to focus on their coding projects while still allowing time for pizza, hanging out with friends, and taking in the tech atmosphere that Looker has to offer.

Reserving Your Spot!

Sign up forms for Code Night open up the Friday before the event. This means you can return here to find a sign up button every First Friday. Sign up for our mailing list to get a reminder. 

Pizza Provided

Code Night is from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. This means that students have to eat dinner! We provide pizza and beverages for students so don’t worry about dinner and enjoy a night downtown.

Pick up and Drop Off

Drop off is at 6:00 PM. Please sign in at the lobby and a volunteer will take them to the 3rd floor. Pick up starts at 7:55 PM.  Please sign your student out in the lobby. Click here for directions.

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Our Values

Our values come from years of working with students and looking at what makes a difference for them in both the short and long-run. 


Use the creative constraints of the app and programming language to push you to come up with ways to bring your ideas to life. We learn just as much from the creative solutions our students formulate.


Mistakes are a big a part of coding.  They lead to deeper understanding and take our projects to the next level. Our students become experts at failing fast, making adjustments, and testing their code.


Whether you’re debugging code or have a project idea you want to pursue, it’s always better with a friend. Our students learn to work together and use the same tools to collaborate as real programmers.