Level 1

Computer Science
  • The importance of syntax
  • Commenting Code
  • How Red, Green, Blue color logic works
  • Using pre-made functions
  •  Cartesian Coordinate Grid
  •  Geometric Shapes & Vertices
  •  Sequencing
  • Outlining an idea for an illustration and breaking it down into doable steps
  • Patience with troubleshooting problems
  •  Experience in making mistakes

Level 2

Computer Science
  • Loops
  • Conditional Statements
  • Booleans
  • Changing how a computer interprets your code
  • Applying negative numbers
  • Variables
  • Order of Operations
  • Applying Algebra
  • Using frames to plan and outline animations
  • Leveraging a computer to do repetitive tasks
  • Creating animations from their own ideas

Level 3

Computer Science
  • How to take in user input
  • How to manipulate user input
  • Combining conditional statements
  • For and While Loops
  • Intro to Arrays
  • Transformation
  • Radians, degrees, and angles
  • Compound expressions
  •  Ability to make interactive projects
  •  How to consider an end-user for our products apps and games

Level 4

Computer Science
  • Creating functions
  • Using functions to check math work
  • Using functions to make code more concise
  • Switch statements and short-hand
  • Applying Geometry
  • Writing functions to check math work
  • Writing functions for 3D shapes
  • Writing functions that deal with multiple inputs
  • Understanding how to break down math problems and formulas into a series of steps that the computer can understand
  • Ability to make games with a basic idea of game development strategies

Level 5

Computer Science
  • Constructors
  • Objects and Classes
  • Data structures
  • Manipulating arrays with For Loops
  • Discrete Math
  • Basic Trigonometry
  • Introduction to Matrices
  • Combining and compounding functions
  •  Ability to build a basic game engine to use in multiple games
  • Ability to make small applications

Want your child to experience our curriculum?

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"Can Elementary School Students Learn College Level Computer Science?

The short answer – yes! Our Curriculum and approach break down difficult concepts into byte size chucks that our students can easily process and and apply to their projects. While our curriculum compares to many college level courses, here’s a breakdown of how we compare to CMPS 5J, the Introduction to Programming course taught at UC Santa Cruz.