Code Naturally Academy @ 

Scotts Valley Middle School

Thursdays 2:40 PM – 5:00 PM

Starts January 23rd, 2020!

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A Unique After School Experience

We’re focused on ensuring every child who joins Code Naturally Academy has every opportunity to learn and grow. We treat every child uniquely and tailor our lessons to their needs. Every student gets individual attention when they’re struggling with new and difficult concepts.

How does after school work?


Enroll your student for our 6 week program for semester #2!


Every Thursday your child attends our after school program, conveniently located at SVMS for 6 weeks.


Your student learns at their own pace with the support of CN Educators and you can easily view their work!

A Day at CN Academy

10 Minutes

Sign in: get snacks, and enjoy a stretch break before we get coding.

55 Minutes

Coding: Students work through our curriculum at their own pace with the help of a CN Educator

15 Minutes

Recess: Students go outside, run around, play, and give their brains a break!

55 Minutes

Coding: Students continue coding with Educator support and can choose to collaborate or work independently.

End of Day

Sign out your student, check out their work, and have a great rest of your day!

Benefits Far Beyond Coding

One of the most rewarding parts of learning to code with us are all of the “secondary” benefits. Because we allow students the freedom to create something that is truly their own, you’ll notice changes that help make them successful in anything they choose to do. Below are the ones parents mention to us the most!


Our classes encourage working with a diverse group of students from all backgrounds. They learn to add to their creations by working with others.


Students decide what they want to create, we help them learn what’s necessary to pursue their innovative ideas. This makes both learning and teaching more fun as everyone is driven to pursue goals that they’ve set out for themselves.


Math skills go hand-in-hand with our approach to programming. Students gain a curiosity and respect for the math they learn in school after applying what they’ve learned to create games and animations they love.