Let Your Child Code And Create This Spring Break!

Give them an edge in school and life by enrolling them in Spring Break Code Camp in Santa Cruz!

April 6th – 10th, 2020

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Why Go To Code Camp This Spring Break?

Let your student’s creativity shine by giving them the opportunity to build interactive games, animations and illustrations at Code Naturally’s Code Camp! We provide computers, snacks, fun offline activities and an unparalleled introduction to programming from trained educators.

"In Code Naturally, you can make anything!"


"It's fun, I get to code with my friends, and create my own creations!"


"Coding is the best! It makes math more fun."


Sign up for the full week or just a couple days

Use the link below to enroll for the week. Click here to let us know what days and times you’d like your child to attend if you just want to sign up for a few days.

Camp Highlights

Game Development

Students learn how classic games work and create their own version of some old favorites.

Real Programming

Students program in JavaScript and create games on par with students using the same language in their first year at college.

New Daily Goals

New games, goals, and challenges are presented to students each day to keep them engaged and excited.


We recommend students pack lunch but our team provides healthy snacks and water during code breaks for our hungry learners.


Students get multiple opportunities to work with friends and learn skills that allow them to work together efficiently and achieve mutual goals.

Code at Home

Students can keep adding to their projects or just play the games they made for fun using the Code Naturally app.

Tuition (Early Bird Ends on March 1st!)

The price you see is the price you pay! No hidden material or registration fees. Receive the great benefits that camp has to offer without being nickeled and dimed.


$299.00/week (early bird!)

Half Day (Morning or Afternoon)


$499.00/week (early bird!)

Full Day

Check Out Our Students Describing Their Experience During Spring Code Camp!

Space is limited so reserve yours today

Use the link below to enroll for the week. Click here to let us know what days and times you’d like your child to attend if you just want to sign up for a few days.

Benefits Far Beyond Coding

One of the most rewarding parts of learning to code with us are all of the “secondary” benefits. Because we allow students the freedom to create something that is truly their own, you’ll notice changes that help make them successful in anything they choose to do. Below are the ones parents mention to us the most!


Our classes encourage working with a diverse group of students from all backgrounds. They learn to add to their creations by working with others.


Students decide what they want to create, we help them learn what’s necessary to pursue their own ideas. This makes both learning and teaching more fun as everyone is driven to pursue goals that they’ve set out for themselves.


Math skills go hand-in-hand with our approach to programming. Students gain a curiosity and respect for the math they learn in school after applying what they’ve learned to create games and animations they love.

Project Management

Any great programmer can tell you that planning and project management are just as important as actually writing code. We teach our students a process for turning their ideas into concrete plans before they ever open a computer. 

Problem Solving

The ability to solve complex problems is always in demand. No matter what your child does, they’ll be prepared.

Self Confidence

We emphasize that you have to make mistakes and fail to learn and grow. Students learn to celebrate their mistakes and recognize them as learning opportunities. This mindset is invaluable as students take on increasingly difficult goals. 

Location And Times

Brook Knoll School

Spring Break Camp will be held in the city of Santa Cruz this year. Student’s enjoy access to Chromebooks, high speed internet, and our unique software – designed and tested right here at a public school in Santa Cruz! The exact site will be finalized by March 1st!

Pick Up And Drop Off Times

Drop Off

Pick Up










Use the link below to enroll for the week. Click here to let us know what days and times you’d like your child to attend if you just want to sign up for a few days.


How long is each session?

We offer half and full-day options, both of which should give you plenty of time to run errands or enjoy a spa day!

What does it cost?

Half-day sessions cost approximately $70 and full-day sessions cost approximately $115, which is cheaper than most afterschool programs, camps, or daycare. See a full pricing breakdown below.

I feel like my kid is falling behind in school. Can you help?

Yes. Our step-by-step method will help your child build a solid grasp of math, and grow more confident and motivated while mastering each concept and lesson.

Can I trust my kid with Code Naturally?

We take safety very seriously. All of our sessions are always supervised by a trained teacher and all of our staff have gone through every national background check. Your kids are in good hands.

What's included in the tuition cost?

Tuition includes certificate of completion, unlimited access to our coding app, Chromebook, account to save projects and healthy snacks and beverages.

The Code Naturally team is making coding fun so my daughter has an affinity and interest in applied science.


Great program for kids! My kid loved every minute.


She absolutely loves it and the staff makes coding fun and exciting! So grateful for all their enthusiasm and energy they bring!


Meet Our Educators

They’re experienced, love programming, and know just how to get your child excited about Computer Science.

Joey Aronson

Hometown: Los Altos, CA

Favorite Hobbies:  Photography & Graphic design

Favorite Video Game: Tetris

Why do you love teaching kids to code? I like seeing their projects progress and get more complicated as they learn.

Darren He

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Favorite Hobbies:  Exercising and Basketball

Favorite Video Game: Pokemon

Why do you love teaching kids to code? I love seeing what kids can creative create with the tools that are given to them. It is an rewarding experience where I can also learn from them.

Vidisha Nevatia

Hometown: India 

Favorite Hobbies:  Coding, Hanging out with friends, watching movies

Favorite Video Game: Mario 

Why do you love teaching kids to code? It gives me a new perspective about coding and seeing the same problem with a different view point. Moreover, I feel teaching helps me better understand the problem myself.

Morgan Eidam

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Favorite Hobbies: Soccer and Going to the Beach

Favorite Video Game: Legend of Zelda

Why do you love teaching kids to code? I love that while I’m teaching code I’m able to learn along with the kids as they work on new projects. 

Kevin Xu

Hometown: Millbrae, CA

Favorite Hobbies: Basketball, volleyball, sleeping

Favorite Video Game: League of Legends

Why do you love teaching kids to code? Because it is a great opportunity for the kids to learn about coding at a young age.

Mackenzie Baughman

Hometown: Windsor

Favorite Hobbies: Riding my bike

Favorite Video Game: None

Why do you love teaching kids to code? I love seeing their unique creations!

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